You just gotta see this~

We’ve been working hard here at the History Center to bring original artwork, crafts and literature from our very talented and very exceptional local folks here to our museum store. As new pieces arrive, I get excited and want to share with you all that is new!

So, I”m going to try a blog style post showcasing the great items we are receiving as they come in.  First we have to play a bit of catch up, as we have a couple of different artists whose work I just have to share with you. My first is Julie Elman, illustrator, author and doodler extraordinaire!  Julie teaches design at Ohio University and is also the author of her self illustrated book “Fear, Illustrated: Transforming What Scares Us.” What Julie does when she “doodles” is nothing short of wonderful~

We asked Julie to create Athens ampersands that highlight all of what makes our area so special. She did not disappoint! Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind, but they are all creative gems! We have about 8 in stock right now-

Front and back

Front and back

These little gems measure 5 1/4 X 4 1/4 and sit on a desk or shelve. You could also put a hook on the top and hang it so it spins, showing it’s cute self off.

I don’t know how many of you remember Court Street Collections when it was located where Stevens Restaurant is now on Court St.  It was a showcase for local, hand crafted art of all kinds and it was a treasure! I would really like to see our museum shop become a mecca and hub for local art like Collections was. Julie is a great addition to the growing number of local artists we are showcasing.

Then, there’s the book- Fear Illustrated: Transforming What Scares Us

What a wonderful, unique way to consider fear, and see that it effects everyone on some level and how what scares one person may be another’s favorite thing! We carry the

book in our shop, so stop by and gaze upon its fabulous colors and images!

Soon, we will have our online store available to you so watch here for more info.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy this preview and hope we’ll see you soon at the museum store so you can see these wonderful pieces in person.  Our shop is open Tue, Wed. Fri. and Sat from 10-4pm and Thur. from noon-6pm. We are located at 24 West State Street in Athens and our parking is always free and convenient!

From the desk of the Museum Coordinator, Bosha Green