The purpose of the Southeast Ohio History Center is to collect, preserve and share Southeast Ohio’s unique cultural and natural heritage.


The Southeast Ohio History Center is to be the champion of natural and cultural heritage in Southeast Ohio.

Our objectives are:


  1. Provide an outstanding visitor experience in our Exhibits, our Programs, our Events, and our Library.
  2. To be sustainable through Fundraising and Efficiency.
  3. The Preservation of Southeast Ohio’s stories and places through Advocacy and Education.
  4. Board Development.
  5. Provide our Volunteers with an outstanding experience.
  6. To Build Partnerships with Local Governments, Non-profits, and Local Businesses.


The Southeast Ohio History Center values the following:

  • Southeast Ohio History
  • Professional quality preservation of Southeast Ohio History
  • Providing access to the collection by researchers and the public at large
  • Effective and accurate education about Southeast Ohio History
  • Our employees, volunteers, donors, patrons, and community
  • Professionalism in all interactions between people
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Diversity among people without regard for gender, race, place of origin, beliefs, orientation, or physical condition.


  • Be proactive in locating and professionally maintaining and preserving significant artifacts of Southeast Ohio History.
  • Maintain an excellent, user-friendly museum of Southeast Ohio History.
  • Update and rotate exhibits on a regular basis.
  • Maintain an excellent historical and genealogical library.
  • Be proactive in informing the public at large of significant risk to historical buildings, locations, and/or artifacts and lobby for their preservation if they are salvageable.
  • Increase interest in local history within the schools and the community at large through education and exposure.
  • Provide professional researchers for public use at reasonable costs.
  • Provide excellent value-added services for members.
  • Develop positive relations with the many facets of the communities that comprise Southeast Ohio.
  • Develop a significant volunteer base.
  • Demonstrate respect and appreciation for volunteers, interns, employees, and others who donate time to the organization.
  • Expand facilities and services over the coming years to accommodate the unfolding history of Southeast Ohio.
  • Develop significant funding sources to accomplish goals of the organization.