The Athens County Historical Society and Museum (ACHS&M), dba the Southeast Ohio History Center is proud of the service and direction we receive from the following Board of Trustee members.

K. Robert Toy, Esq.


Bob is a very busy and prominent attorney in our area but he finds time to not only reside over our Board of Trustees, but is also a member of the Athens Kiwanis Club and Athens Area Chamber of Commerce. Bob has served as President of ACHS&M during our period of great growth. He is a generous supporter of our capital campaign and works hard to further the cause of saving Athens and the Southeastern Ohio areas history. He also has a wonderful sense of humor!

Gary Goosman

Vice President

Many of you may know Gary as the Mayor of Amesville. He is also an active and vibrant part of our community in many ways and the following is a sample of his contributions to our area.

Gary has served as the Director of Senior Programs with the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development since 2007. He is responsible for overseeing the Foster Grandparent Program, Senior Companion Program and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program in 30 counties (representing the Appalachian Counties in Ohio). In 2010 he was elected to the Board of the National Senior Corp Association, based in Washington, D.C. Then 3 years ago he was elected President of that organization and has responsibilities including fighting for federal funding, advocating for senior issues and building awareness of issues related to aging and poverty in Appalachian Ohio.

In 2012 Gary was elected to the position of Mayor in Amesville, Ohio. During his time in office he has assisted in the completion of a new sewer system which lowers operating cost and is cutting edge in the State of Ohio. He has digitized almost all village records and made them available to local residents through the village website. During Gary’s tenure the Village of Amesville has been voted the “Best Small Town in Athens County” (Athens News) twice and has led the efforts to revamp the playground in Gifford Park. He also collaborated with Ohio University on an assessment of local environmental and health concerns via a research project involving over 150 local residents.

His other Board experience includes:  President of the American Community Gardening Association, President of the Horticultural Therapy Association of Southwest Ohio, Development Chair of Crayons to Computers, and President of the Center for Creative Cooperation. He currently serves on several local and regional Boards: Rural Action (Board Chair), Village Productions (Board Chair), Southeast Ohio Public Energy Council (Treasurer), Ohio Association of FGP/SCP Directors (Chair), Athens Regional Planning Commission, Mayor’s Partnership for Progress (Chair).

Norm Fox


Norm’s love of the Hocking Hills brought him to our area. He has been an integral part of the Robbins Crossing Historical Village at Hocking College in Nelsonville for 13 years.  Norm also volunteers for the Buckeye Trail Association where he is the volunteer historian. 

Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Ohio University, where he has taught courses in human geography since 1996. His research interests focus on the historical settlement of Ohio during the Early National period and Ohio’s regional cultural landscapes.

Diane Reeves

President, Genealogy Chapter of OGS

Diane has lived in Athens since 1959, growing up on Columbia Ave. on the west side. She came to us as a financial assistant in 2002, helping Jo Johnson and then Director, Joanne Prisley run the ACHS&M. During that time, she became interested in Genealogy and ultimately became President of the Athens Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society. Diane truly enjoys helping others find their ancestors and is dedicated to protecting the history of Athens County.

Ada Woodson Adams


Ada has worked for many years saving and recording the history of our area.  She is also the director of The Multicultural Genealogical Center in Chesterhill, Ohio.

Ada has been instrumental in carrying the Athens Historical Society and Museum forward and keeping the memories and history of our area alive. She is very knowledgeable in black local history as well as the freedom movement of enslaved peoples coming through Ohio on their way to freedom.  One of Ada’s important historical projects is a two day bus trip highlighting the locations of Underground Railroad stops, while educating people on the history of both black and white relations during the important period between the emancipation proclamation and the end of black slavery activity in America.

Sherry Klingaman


A love of local history and researching land ownership is what got Sherry hooked on history.  In 2013, Sherry took a tour of our archives department here at ACHS&M and signed up as a volunteer! A year later she felt she had even more to offer our organization so she became a welcome addition to our board of trustees. Sherry has been intensely involved in getting us moved to our new location, volunteering countless hours to help move the collections and see that everything is safe in its new home.

Miranda Kridler


Miranda is an Athens native with a passion for the built environment and a keen interest in historic preservation. She has a deep love of architecture enjoys working as part of the Building Committee to help transition the museum to its new historic building. She holds a Master of Urban Planning degree from The City College of New York and currently works for Athens County as the County Planner. In her free time, she loves to travel, hike, and spend time in her art studio.

Sheryl K. Hill


Sherry fell in love with history because of wonderful family vacations to Boston and Williamsburg where history came alive for her. She remembers tri-cornered hats and wonderful ginger cookies. “One of my favorite memories is wearing my tri-corner hat and buying a “baker’s dozen” of ginger cookies…my dad would keep sending me to buy more…I think he saw the absolute joy on my face! “ Sherry’s love of history and her PhD in history makes her a valued board member.

 During work hours, Sherry’s passion is “helping folks sleep at night” by providing financial advisement with The Chaddock Group, an Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

Evan Shaw


Evan Shaw is our newest addition to the board of trustees.  Evan is a Producer/Director at WOUB Public Media and the Barbara Gerald's Institute for Storytelling and Social Change, garnering nine regional Emmy's out of 26 nominations.

Evan also directs and produces Our Town, a series of DVDs telling the stories of local communities.  To date, he has produced four films, Jackson, Lancaster, Pomeroy and Nelsonville. The next in his series will focus the lenses on Athens and we can't wait to see what wonderful story telling comes of it!


Alan Goldsberry, Esq.


Alan Goldsberry’s history in our area began on the banks of the Shade River, where Huckleberry Finn could be imagined floating down in his boat, with fishing line in the water on a summers day. His family moved to Athens where he graduated high school and began his college career at O.U. Alan chose Duke University for law school and returned to Athens to practice. Working tirelessly for our cause, Alan is one of our most “hands on” board members who’s time and dedication is priceless. He has served as President, Vice President and Committee chair and his wife, Stephanie volunteers as a member of our Capital Campaign Committee.