Construction & Museum Store Update February 5, 2018

We have finally settled into our new building, this is our new home for history.

Temporary office space during construction, otherwise known as “the Eagles nest”

ADA “family” restroom comes together

New platform around the annex

Floors being stripped and refinished on 1st floor

Floor of library space being reinforced to carry weight of bookshelves

The dreaded “sand pit” at the elevator location that required steel piers be drilled into bedrock 50 feet down to make an anchor for the elevator shaft.

Another shot of “the pit”

Where we came from- the reception area and exhibit space at 65 N. Court

Exhibit space at 65 N. Court

Elevator shaft taking shape

Special Collections area during construction

Moving day (one of many)

Prior to the annex being built



Before the renovation

After the renovation

New Museum Shop area

So, phase I of the project has ended. What hasn’t ended is our promise to you, the people of Southeast Ohio that we will work hard each and every day to improve, expand and bring Southeast Ohio’s history to life. Come and visit us and see what all this hard work has produced!

Thanks for sharing the ride!

Bosha Green, Museum Coordinator, Southeast Ohio History Center