Ohio University Demolished Science Center Building Puzzle


Puzzle featuring artwork from the Athens Asylum.

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This 672 piece puzzle features the historic Science Building which used to be located on the campus of Ohio University.  It became the location of a bitter battle between the Ohio University administration and the local people of Athens.

This battle ultimately resulted in Ohio University tearing down the building for a “green space” that consists of an empty lot which highlights the back of a Buffalo Wild Wings.  The university claimed that it would not be financially feasible to restore the building for use. The Southeast Ohio History Center and other historic landmark organizations as well as townspeople argued that these historic buildings are part of the local heritage and reflect the beauty and architectural history of this beautiful campus.

So, this puzzle comes with a saying “Put the Science Center Back Together” as it’s the only way this building will every be seen again.  We continue to work diligently to save and protect structures and historic places from becoming a parking lot or empty space. Your purchase of this puzzle supports our mission and work to SAVE HISTORY!


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