The 1900: Voices From the Athens Asylum DVD


The 1900: Voices From the Athens Asylum DVD

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Documentary “The 1900: Voices from the Athens Asylum” told the story of how patients landed at the hospital now known as The Ridges, and how a group of people helped identify those patients buried in numbered graves. The program is now available for purchase.

This DVD produced by WOUB Public Media in 2013, tells the tale of one of Athens most well known and often little understood landmarks.

This year is the 150 Anniversary of the Athens Asylum opening, renewing interest in how the Asylum came to be, what is really was like not only for the patients, but for employees, nurses, doctors and the droves of staff needed to keep this “city within a city” running.

The History Center is currently running an exhibit titled “The Athens Asylum: 150 Years of a Healing Landscape” that displays many objects from the Asylum as well as never seen photos and an original painting from “Billy Milligan” the multiple personality who was the subject of the book “The Minds of Billy Milligan.”


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