The Soul of the Woods Book and DVD, by Ora E. Anderson


Ora Andy Anderson, age 93, takes us on a brief tour of his tree farm and nature preserve nestled in the Appalachian Ohio foothills. Along the way we discover how personal values can lead to action.


Ora Anderson is a Southeastern Ohio legend. Bill Thompson, III, Editor or Bird Watcher’s Digest said of Ora, “Ora Anderson had the soul of a poet.  But his poetry was not merely in his writing, it was in every piece of wood he carved, every parcel of land he saved and nurtured, and in every person whose life he touched. While we no longer have Ora to talk to , to walk beside, and to laugh with, we still have his incredible vision, his remarkable life story, and his boundless joy for nature.  All of these wonderful things are include in Soul of the Woods.

Soul of the Woods is a book of essays and poetry by Ora. It is accompanied by a DVD with essays and poetry read by Ohio University President Emeritus Dr. Charles J. Ping and a slideshow of Ora’s beautiful bird carvings, music by local musician Bruce Dalzell and watercolors by Barbara Sheriff Kostohryz.

See for yourself why Ora Anderson still touches the hearts and souls of so many, so deeply.


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