WOUB “Our Town Athens” DVD


“Our Town Athens” Documentary DVD by Evan Shaw for WOUB

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The Hotel Berry was very successful and was the first black owned and operated hotel in Athens.

The much anticipated documentary about Athens is here! Evan Shaw and WOUB have done it again with their series of “Our Town” documentaries that highlight the history and wonder of our regional cities like Athens.

This DVD takes you through the beginning of our area, how it was born and who the founders and builders of Athens were. Many local historians and curators appear in the DVD and are part of the charm of this documentary, sharing and retelling the stories of some of the more colorful events and personalities of Athens. Tom O’Grady, Ada Woodson Adams, Jessica Cyders and Cyrus Moore III from the History Center are part of the telling of our history. Athens County Museum founder Marjorie Stone gives a humorous look at just how fickle history could sometimes be!

This is just a wonderful way to spend an hour of your time and learn so much about the community of our town, Athens.

Run Time: Approx. 1 hour

North Hill was located where the Athens Armory now stands. Much of the clay for the bricks that built Athens were dug from this hill.

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